Are Pulsar Generators Any Good?

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Pulsar generators are getting more and more popular all over the US. This generator brand is among the youngest but the most successful in America. However, how can one be sure if Pulsar generators are good enough? What makes them worth buying in contrast to some of the most trusted brands like Honda or Westinghouse?

These are the questions that I will try to answer through the course of this article. Portable generators from Pulsar do indeed strike interest from more and more buyers and are constantly growing their market share.

If you’ve looked at Pulsar generator reviews online, you’ll see that many people are highly satisfied with this brand. Quite possibly, you are going to be the next one who’ll leave a positive review of your experience with Pulsar products. Having said that, let’s start our journey by first learning a bit more about this new brand.

What Are Pulsar Generators?

Pulsar portable generators are produced by the Pulsar Products company. There are a few characteristics that set Pulsar generators aside from other brands.

Among those are:

  • clean power
  • safe operation for sensitive electronic devices (thanks to its Stable Sine Wave Technology)
  • quiet operation
  • consistent power range of up to 15000W

The build quality is surprisingly good for a budget brand, and these generators are small and easy to carry around, especially the inverter models.

The biggest defining characteristic of Pulsar generators is their affordability. These generators are much more affordable than similar portable generators, often by hundreds of dollars. For families trying to power their homes or RVs on a budget, this cost difference is quite significant. Especially nice that you are not getting a significant quality drop with these products.

Where are Pulsar generators made?

All Pulsar generators are designed and assembled in Ontario, California. This is a very important buying factor for those of you who prefer American-made products.

Of course, you should be aware that most of the parts used in Pulsar generators are actually produced in China (like the majority of nowadays components).

Having said that, you don’t have to worry about the quality, as all the product assembly pipelines are located in the US and all the standards are taken good care of.

Who makes the engine for Pulsar generators?

The engine used in all Pulsar portable generators is manufactured by a Chinese brand named Ducar. They work in cooperation with Honda and produce their engines using the same parts that are used in original Honda engines. Ducar is the most reputable and certified Honda engine manufacturer in China.

Ducar engines are much cheaper than Honda engines even though they are the same durable and fuel-efficient. This plays an important advantage of Pulsar generators over other brands that are assembled completely in China with no-name engine brands.

Ducar engine for Pulsar generators

How long do Pulsar generators last?

It depends on which model of Pulsar generator you buy. Generally, these portable generators run around 12 hours on a full tank of gas. However, inverter Pulsar generators like Pulsar PG2300iS deliver a whopping 30 hours of continuous power.

Speaking of a lifetime of Pulsar portable generators, you can really use them for years without much maintenance. Just make sure you change the oil at regular intervals and do not overload your generator. Overall, reliability is decent for Pulsar products.

Are Pulsar generators reliable?

According to Pulsar generator reviews, these generators are highly reliable and last for a very long time. Many users reported using their generators for years without any changes in performance. If you are planning on using your generator regularly, for example, to power your RV, you don’t want a generator that will only last a year before it starts to fail. Pulsar generators are some of the most reliable on the market.

When compared to the all-time most reliable Honda generators, Pulsar really plays well as it does not suffer from frequent malfunction while costing significantly less than the former. So you’re really getting an awesome price-to-quality ratio when choosing Pulsar portable generators.

What is it like to use a Pulsar generator?

Many users are thrilled with their experience using Pulsar generators to power their homes or RVs.

One of the defining characteristics of these generators is their quiet operation, especially in an eco-mode. As mentioned above, Pulsar generators use “clean electricity” with minimal waste, including minimal total harmonic distortion. This means that the generators are very quiet while still delivering powerful performance.

For many generators, it’s a tradeoff between power and noise because the larger the generator, the louder it will be. To some extent, the same is true for Pulsar generators because the larger models do tend to be louder. However, they are still much quieter than similar models from other brands. This makes Pulsar generators ideal for RV camping without disturbing you at night.

Besides being quiet, Pulsar generators are also convenient to use due to their simple control panels. You don’t need to be an electrician to know how to set up this generator as the interfaces are designed with amateur users in mind.

Pulsar generators can boast a nicely built design and sturdy materials. They are stylish too, especially the inverter models. These generators are well protected from rain thanks to rubber caps on control buttons.

Are Pulsar generators any good?

Now that we’ve gone through what a Pulsar generator is, the engine quality, and the defining characteristic, it’s time to get to the all-important question – are these generators any good, or do they not live up to the hype?

According to Internet reviews, both from professional review sites and users who own Pulsar generators, these generators are some of the best on the market. Reviewers praise the high quality of the generators, whose powerful engines and advanced dual-fuel technology make them a dream to power RVs and other needs, while the sturdy frame can hold up to wear and tear.

In Pulsar, the quality of American manufacturing really shows. Not only are the engines superior, but so are the frames and feathering. It is next to impossible to find a better option when it comes to a dollar per-Watt dollar-per-quality ratio.