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Running a portable generator in rain is not desirable as it will reduce the lifetime of this device especially if rains are frequent in your area. It is not just bad for the generator’s lifetime, but, it can also become dangerous for you and your relatives. In case of heavy rain, puddles will start to collect under your generator, making it a source of an electric shock.

For the sake of safety and money saving on future repairs or even replacement of the corroded generator, you absolutely must organize a reliable rain cover.

While many of us are really good at DIY and can easily come up with an idea for covering the generator from rain, there are some affordable yet reliable rain covers available in online stores.

In this article, I am going to discuss the 5 best running generator covers that I recommend buying.

What are the best covers for running a generator in rain?

Deciding on a proper shelter for your generator is not as easy as it seems. You have to take certain factors into consideration before you can choose the best cover.

Some generator covers can be good protection if it is just raining and there is no thunderstorm or snowfall. Those are usually cheap tents made of waterproof fabric. They are light and easy to move around but can fail you in the case of a hurricane. Heavy wind will easily tear lightweight rain covers, leaving your generator unprotected.

Other covers are sturdier and are made of plastic or steel. The latter is recommended if you’re going to run your portable generator stationary as a backup power for your entire house.

Let’s see which generator covers are the best for rain and thunderstorm. I picked 5 specific products based on reviews, my experience, and opinions I gathered from my friends who run their generators outside often and use these rain covers.

PatioGem generator covers

This one is a universal running cover that fits most of the generator models from 5,000W to 10,000W. It is made of a 100% waterproof 600D polyester Oxford fabric. It is lightweight and heavy-duty, and it offers quite decent rain protection for your portable generator.

PatioGem features a side pocket for storing small tools for everyday use, which is very convenient.

There is a convenient velcro flap that allows you to easily open and close it when you do not need to use your generator. This will keep it dry and clean in all weather conditions.

PatioGem can even survive light to medium storms as it features buckle straps & hem cord to make it fit tightly for your generator. The only downside is that water tends to accumulate and stay in the middle of this cover and it needs to be knocked off regularly.

Overall, the PatioGem covers are great if you are looking for an affordable tarp-like cover for any sort of 5 to 10-kW generator. Just be advised, you might feel that this cover is not as sturdy as it looks in the pictures, as it is basically just a soft waterproof fabric that is easy to carry around, especially if you move your generator often. In addition, the PatioGem cover comes with convenient handles for moving your generator around.


  • very affordable
  • easy to carry around
  • universal size fits most generators
  • heavy-duty 600D polyester Oxford fabric


  • less reliable in case of heavy storms and strong winds
  • water tends to accumulate on this cover

IGAN generator tent

Not as universal as the previous one and is much more expensive, but, one of the best tarp-like generator covers you can get. It comes with a metal frame that you need to attach to your generator’s top, and then, you put on a tarp part. This makes the IGAN tent extremely sturdy and convenient to use. It is not lightweight but is a rugged cover for running your generator in rain or thunderstorm.

Be advised, the IGAN generator tent would not fit all generator models, so, make sure your generator is not on the list of incompatible generators. In particular, the IGAN cover would not fit inverter generators as it needs a frame to attach to.

If your generator is compatible with this cover, you should have no worries about rain or snow damaging your generator. The IGAN generator tent is sturdy and ergonomic. It allows you easily refuel your generator without removing a cover. Just open up a lid at the top and close it once you’ve done refueling.

The IGAN cover has multiple flaps on each side. They are made of a thick fabric with a built-in filler making them protected from heavy winds. Besides, you can lift any of the flaps when you run your generator and get easy access to power outlets and create ventilation for carbon monoxide. When the generator is not in use, you can put all the flaps down and store the generator like that.

The high-strength stainless steel frame is attached to the top of the generator and is made of thick pipes. This prevents the cover from getting deformed even in the event of a heavy thunderstorm.

Overall, you will be surprised by how well this tent is designed and put together. It can safely meet heavy rains, thunderstorms, and snowy winters. Your generator will always stay protected. It costs much more than other tarp-like covers, but it is worth it.


  • ergonomic design with foldable flaps
  • sturdy build with a metal frame on top
  • protects from rain, storms, snow
  • easy to assemble


  • expensive
  • adds additional weight making it harder to carry around
  • might not protect from hailstorms or tornado

Champion Storm Shield by GenTent

Another rain cover tent designed specifically for Champion generators. Having said that, this one is going to fit also other generator brands with compatible frames. This tent is universal in size as it will protect generators from 3,000 to 10,000W.

It is easy to install on your generator without using any tools. First, you need to install clamps on a frame, then you need to install a flexible but sturdy frame into clamps, and the last step is to put a cover on.

This tent can withstand 70 mph winds while protecting your generator from rain and snow. It is practically an all-weather cover.

While sturdy, the Champion Storm Shield is also very lightweight and convenient to use. You can easily refuel the generator without removing a tent or move it around with a Storm Shield cover still on. This cover has a nice transparent lower part that allows you to keep track of the generator’s dashboard without having to remove a cover.

Online reviews confirm that this rain cover has excellent build quality, 100% waterproof vinyl material, an excellent look (especially when used with Champion generators or other brands with the same yellow color), and is really affordable for the quality.


  • affordable price
  • 100% waterproof
  • easy to assemble in 3 steps
  • lightweight and portable
  • excellent look


  • does not fit all generators
  • material is not sturdy enough for tornados
  • it is not quick to remove it from a generator

GENSHED Generator Shed With Metal Roof & Frame

A sturdy tarp-like generator cover with a steel frame and aluminum lid. It fits both inverter and conventional generators of up to 33 x 28.25 x 23.5 inches.

GENSHED can be quickly installed and removed as it does not attach to a generator. You just need to assemble the cover separately and then put it on and off your generator.

Thanks to a rugged design with its steel frame and foldable flaps, this cover allows not just using a generator in the rain but also storing it outside indefinitely.

An aluminum lid works as a support if it is snowing heavily. Together with a metal frame, it prevents the cover from being deformed under the weight of snow or strong winds.

The entire tent can be completely folded which allows for easy transportation.

The design of GENSHED implies having a ground clearance for your generator, while the top part must sit firmly on a generator. This way the cover works best for all types of severe weather conditions. Keep in mind: if your generator is not tall enough, you will have to use pavement stones to lift it up a bit.

Online reviews praise this generator rain cover for its sturdy design, quality build, ergonomics, and universal size of generators it can fit.


  • very sturdy with a steel frame and aluminum roof
  • easy to put on and off a generator
  • can withstand rain, snow, hailstorm, and an average tornado
  • fits almost any generator


  • quite expensive
  • some generators need additional pavement stone before putting this cover on
  • assembling is a bit more complex than for other covers

Goplus Horizontal Storage Shed

Last but not least, not actually a generator cover, but, it is a more robust solution if you’re planning to run your portable generator as a backup for your home.

You can build a shed yourself, but, I have found one ready-to-use that will work just fine for any type of generator while also allowing you to store other stuff inside it.

Using a stationary shed as your running generator cover is a great idea if you are looking for the best rain and snow cover and don’t plan to move your portable generator often. It also allows you to store the generator there forever.

Goplus storage shed is a perfect solution for storing and running a generator in any weather conditions. It is quite cheap for a metal shed and is quite reliable when used as a rain and snow cover for a generator. It will not get blown away by heavy winds too.

Overall, if you are not too much into DIY when it comes to building a generator shed, the Goplus shed is the way to go. Be advised, it does not come in whole, so you will have to assemble it.


  • full protection against rain, snow, thunderstorms, tornado, etc.
  • works great for stationary generators
  • additional space can be used to store tools
  • nice design that fits most backyards


  • more expensive than traditional generator cover
  • online reviews mention the inconsistent build quality
  • non-portable


Choosing the best generator rain cover is not as easy as it seems. I hope the options in this article will provide you with a broad understanding of what’s available.

If you plan to move your portable generator often – I recommend choosing one of the cheapest tent covers and just using them on your generator when you’re running it. Then, you should store a generator inside a shed or garage when it is not in use.

In case you want to run your generator as a backup power for your home consistently, the best decision would be to either build your own shed or get a Goplus shed from the list above.

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