Why can’t generators be shipped to California?

generators banned in California and can not be delivered

Generators have become an essential part of modern life, especially in regions where power outages are common. However, California has imposed strict regulations on the use and sale of generators in the state. As a result, many people are wondering why generators can’t be shipped to California. The main reason why generators can’t be shipped … Read more

How Long Can a Portable Generator Run Continuously?

How Long Can a Portable Generator Run Continuously

Portable generators have become a popular choice for individuals seeking backup power during outages or requiring electricity in remote locations. However, one of the most common questions people have is how long can a portable generator run continuously. The answer, though not straightforward, depends on various factors, including the generator’s fuel type, model, fuel tank … Read more

How to Fix an Overloaded Generator?

When it comes to generators, overloading is a common issue that many people face. An overloaded generator can cause damage to the generator itself, or even cause a fire if it’s not overload-protected. However, the good news is that fixing an overloaded generator is a relatively simple process that can be done by following a … Read more

What can a 6,500 Watt generator run?

what will a 6500 Watt generator run

A 6500-watt generator can provide enough power to run most household appliances and tools. Knowing what a 6500-watt generator can run is essential when considering purchasing one. It can be used for home backup power, outdoor activities, and construction sites. Some common household appliances that can be powered by a 6500-watt generator include refrigerators, microwaves, … Read more

What oil to use in portable generator?

oil change frequency and type for generator

When it comes to generator maintenance, oil is an essential component that must be managed properly. The type of oil and the frequency of oil changes are important factors in ensuring your generator runs smoothly and efficiently. When selecting oil for your portable generator, you should use a detergent oil such as SAE10W30 or 5W30. … Read more

What Size Generator To Run Refrigerator And Freezer?

what size of generator to run refrigerator and freezer

Using the correct size generator is important whether you need to power a fridge and freezer during extended power outages or you’re hosting an outdoor party and want to keep your drinks cold. The size of the generator required to run a refrigerator with a freezer depends on several factors, including the starting and running … Read more