Propane vs Gas Generators

Propane vs Gas generators

Propane and gas generators are useful to have around in the event of a power outage. You can use both of them to power your most important appliances, such as a fridge, a heat pump, or house lighting. But, how do you choose between propane and gasoline generators? Which one is the best? Propane generators … Read more

Voltage Regulator vs Surge Protector

Voltage Regulator vs Surge Protector

Do you know the difference between a voltage regulator and a surge protector? A voltage regulator is designed to maintain a constant voltage level, while a surge protector is designed to protect your electrical devices from spikes. This is the main difference between the surge protector and voltage regulator which should already give you some … Read more

What is the difference between Starting Watts and Running Watts?

Starting Watts vs Running Watts

The Starting Watts is the peak power the generator can provide momentarily to start up a motor. The Running Watts is the continuous power that it delivers. The first term can also be called a “Surge current”, while the second term is a “Rated current”. Every portable generator has a marking with Running Watts power … Read more

Does a whole house generator add value to your home?

A whole-house generator

The short answer is – No. However, it really depends on how much value the whole-house generator realistically adds for you when living in this house. Do you often experience power outages? Is your town or countryside located near the coastline or, maybe there are other severe weather increments that happen frequently such that your … Read more

Can a portable generator run on natural gas?

Porable generator runs on a natural gas

No, a portable generator can not be run on natural gas. However, after some small modifications, this becomes possible. Any gasoline or propane portable generators don’t run on an NG out of the box. Unless you get one of the tri-fuel generators, the natural goes wouldn’t work as fuel to power up this machine. In … Read more

How long can the generator run continuously?

Generator runs continuously

While a whole-house generator can run up to 3,000 hours continuously before the service is needed (as long as it has constant fuel refilling and regular oil replacement), less-powerful portable generators will usually run for up to 100 hours before the service is needed. There are many factors that will affect generator run time. This … Read more

How to run a generator in the rain?


Quite often you have to run a portable generator when it is raining. In case you want to try moving the generator inside in the hope to protect it from adverse weather conditions, I strongly advise you from doing that. Running a generator inside is dangerous for your health and sometimes life. Any kind of … Read more

Should You Use a Surge Protector with a Generator?

Surge Protector

A common question among generator owners is whether they should incorporate a surge protector into the setup. The answer isn’t a straightforward yes or no; rather, it hinges on various factors. There are scenarios where the inclusion of surge protection between a generator and your appliances is unequivocally advisable for protecting from electrical surges. Conversely, … Read more