Can a propane generator run on natural gas?

Propane generator run on a natural gas

Yes, a propane or dual-fuel generator can run on a natural gas. Having said that, you’re going to need minor to major modifications first. The thing is, propane and natural gas are pressurized at different levels. They also have different hose size. In order to run a propane generator of your household NG pipeline it … Read more

What is the most efficient fuel for a generator?

most efficient fuel for a generator

Choosing the right fuel for a home backup generator can be a tricky task. Factors such as how often, how long, and at what load the generator is running must be considered to ensure optimal performance. For a long time, diesel generators were thought to be the most efficient option due to their high energy … Read more

How long can the generator run continuously?

Generator runs continuously

While a whole-house generator can run up to 3,000 hours continuously before the service is needed (as long as it has constant fuel refilling and regular oil replacement), less-powerful portable generators will usually run for up to 100 hours before the service is needed. There are many factors that will affect generator run time. This … Read more