Voltage Regulator vs Surge Protector

Voltage Regulator vs Surge Protector

Do you know the difference between a voltage regulator and a surge protector? A voltage regulator is designed to maintain a constant voltage level, while a surge protector is designed to protect your electrical devices from spikes. This is the main difference between the surge protector and voltage regulator which should already give you some … Read more

How to run a generator in the rain?


Quite often you have to run a portable generator when it is raining. In case you want to try moving the generator inside in the hope to protect it from adverse weather conditions, I strongly advise you from doing that. Running a generator inside is dangerous for your health and sometimes life. Any kind of … Read more

Should You Use a Surge Protector with a Generator?

Surge Protector

A common question among generator owners is whether they should incorporate a surge protector into the setup. The answer isn’t a straightforward yes or no; rather, it hinges on various factors. There are scenarios where the inclusion of surge protection between a generator and your appliances is unequivocally advisable for protecting from electrical surges. Conversely, … Read more