5 Best Quiet Generators for 50 Amp RV

Best quiet generators for 50A RV camping

While traveling in an RV, it’s crucial to have access to reliable energy for all of your electrical needs. On the other hand, a standard generator’s noise and air pollution might disturb your peace of mind and worry nearby campers. In this case, quiet generators are the best solution. They provide a remedy that lets … Read more

10 Best Extension Cords for Generators

Best extension cords for generators

Finding the best extension cord for your generator can be easy if you know what you are looking for and can be hard if you are not a seasonal electrician. Extension cords are often overlooked but essential tools for powering electrical devices in places where wall sockets are not readily available, such as construction sites, … Read more

Best Tri-fuel Generators

Best Tri-Fuel generators

Flexibility and versatility are key factors to consider when choosing the right generator, especially during periods of power shortages or outages. Tri-fuel generators, which can run on 3 different types of fuel like propane, gasoline, and natural gas, provide a practical solution to this issue. A tri-fuel generator can help you save time, frustration, and … Read more

Are Pulsar Generators Any Good?

Are Pulsar generators good?

Pulsar generators are getting more and more popular all over the US. This generator brand is among the youngest but the most successful in America. However, how can one be sure if Pulsar generators are good enough? What makes them worth buying in contrast to some of the most trusted brands like Honda or Westinghouse? … Read more

Best running generator cover

best running generator cover

Running a portable generator in rain is not desirable as it will reduce the lifetime of this device especially if rains are frequent in your area. It is not just bad for the generator’s lifetime, but, it can also become dangerous for you and your relatives. In case of heavy rain, puddles will start to … Read more